Yvonne Bregman, LCSW, LICSW has a private psychotherapy practice in Ridgefield, Connecticut where she specializes in working with parents and children, those recovering from trauma, and individuals experiencing life transitions such as divorce, bereavement and relocation.

Yvonne’s work aims to integrate both cognitive (mind) treatments with sensory or body treatments. Breathe work, some yoga and sensory motor work are all elements of the latter. Each treatment protocol is designed to work specifically with the needs of each patient in a research informed and thorough manner.

Yvonne’s experience in the mental health field includes, but is not limited to serving as Program Coordinator for the William B. Hoyt Memorial Grant and as the co-originator of the Family Empowerment Project. Through these programs Yvonne has helped over 100 families including parents and children in Putnam County, New York. Yvonne received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University.

Please call Yvonne for more information about her practice or to schedule an appointment. Office hours are by appointment, daytime and evening hours are available.

She is licensed in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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UPDATE ON SERVICES March 2020: Yvonne is offering HIPAA compliant Zoom sessions while the COVID19 precautions are in place.

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Yvonne Bregman incorporates clinical hypnosis into her practice...

Ms. Bregman practices “permissive” hypnosis that empowers individuals to understand the strengths that they have within themselves to cope with physical and psychological challenges. The benefits of hypnosis are numerous and recent research supports the idea that hypnosis can effectively change some physiological and neurological functions of an individual.

Yvonne received her training from Dr. Daniel P. Brown, Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Ms. Bregman attended weekly lectures in Boston for a year to learn her skills in clinical hypnosis. She is certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

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Privacy theft has become a growing concern for most people. We have all experienced instances where some aspect of our personal information has either been sold to a mailing list company or distributed without our permission.

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